Improving User Experience: A UX Designer's Perspective on YouTube Shorts Integration

Jun 1, 2023


As a UX designer who values the best user experience, I'd like to address a concern I have regarding YouTube Shorts. While acknowledging the value of this new feature, there is a significant flaw that I believe affects user experience. In this article, I'll discuss why the integration of YouTube Shorts in the subscription tab across different platforms poses challenges and propose potential solutions to enhance viewer experiences.

A Seamless Mobile Experience

YouTube Shorts was designed to offer a vertical, TikTok-like experience primarily catered to mobile users. However, a notable inconsistency arises when Shorts appear in the subscription tab on desktop and TV modes but not on mobile. This contradiction disrupts the intended mobile-centric experience that Shorts were specifically created for.

Maintaining Platform Consistency

For an optimal user experience, it is crucial to ensure consistency across platforms. The presence of YouTube Shorts in the subscription tab alongside traditional subscriptions creates clutter and may hinder users' ability to access their preferred content seamlessly. This misalignment raises concerns about user satisfaction and the need for improved UX practices.

The Role of UX Designers

As a user advocate, I empathize with your frustration regarding this issue. UX designers play a pivotal role in shaping product experiences, and it's surprising that this concern hasn't been addressed yet. However, it's essential to approach this matter constructively and offer suggestions to the YouTube product team.

Proposed Solutions

To rectify this UX flaw, I recommend two potential solutions:

a) To address the inconsistency in user experience, it would be beneficial to create a separate page or tab for YouTube Shorts specifically on desktop and TV platforms. By doing so, users can easily access Shorts content without it cluttering their subscription feed. This approach would ensure a more streamlined and intuitive browsing experience for viewers.

b) Provide User Control Options: Another alternative is to empower users with greater control. Introducing a toggle switch within the settings, allowing users to enable or disable the display of YouTube Shorts, would provide flexibility based on individual preferences.


In conclusion, I am determined to advocate for better user experiences on YouTube, both as a UX designer and as a user myself. Through constructive feedback and suggestions, we can work towards enhancing the platform for everyone, whether they are free or paid users. I firmly believe in the potential for positive change and encourage the YouTube product team to consider implementing user-centered solutions like providing a separate page or tab for YouTube Shorts on desktop and TV. Together, let's strive for better days and improved viewer experiences on this beloved platform.

© Uri Vais 2023

© Uri Vais 2023

© Uri Vais 2023